Tantalum Capacitor Lead Seal is a unique two-sided fluoropolymer film engineered to assure a highly reliable seal against electrolyte diffusion along the tantalum anode wire in solid tantalum capacitors. The thin film thickness punches easily allowing capacitor manufacturers to form small diameter washers with a very low thickness profile. The lead seal washers position easily and resist distortion during the oxidation and impregnation process. Both DP25 and DP13 are packed in spools, typically on a 3 in core.

The lead seal is designed and manufactured by Electrolock. Admat is the exclusive distributor for the international market.

  • Thickness, mm: .18 (DP25) | .10 (DP13)
  • Thickness tolerance, mm: .025 (DP25) | .025 (DP13)
  • Fluoropolymer thickness, mm: .050 (DP25) | .025 (DP13)
  • Meltable Fluoropolymer thickness, mm: .130 (DP25) | .075 (DP13)
  • Melting temp, C: 302-310 (DP25) | 302-310 (DP13)
  • Weight, Kg/M²: .375 (DP25) | .216 (DP13)
  • Tape width, mm: 9.5 (DP25) | 9.5 (DP13)
  • Spool Core ID, mm: 76 (DP25) | 76 (DP13)