Tantalum Hybrid Capacitors save weight, volume & cost. Available in a number of standard configurations & voltage ratings from 10V to 125V.

Tantalum hybrid capacitors provide very high power and energy density in devices much smaller and lighter than traditional tantalum wet, tantalum chip, aluminum electrolytic, or ceramic capacitors. The tantalum hybrid is also the most reliable capacitor in the market.

The Hybrid capacitor combines a high voltage electrolytic type anode bearing a Ta2O5 dielectric with a low voltage, high energy density electrochemical super capacitor RuO2 cathode. Unlike other super capacitors, use of the dielectric permits higher voltage operation of single cells, and can thus operate at higher voltages without the need for series connected cells.

The resistance (ESR) of single cell Hybrid capacitors is much lower compared to other super capacitors of similar voltage rating. This leads to a very low time constant of 1ms, or less, making Hybrid capacitors well suited for high-rate applications.Tantalum hybrid capacitors were invented and are manufactured by Evans Capacitor Company.

Evans is ISO 9001 and AS9001 registered; it maintains the highest levels of quality.

Visit Evans for product details. Admat is the exclusive distributor for the tantalum hybrid capacitors in China, Hong Kong, & Taiwan markets.