TZM is harder than pure molybdenum and has both a higher recrystallization temperature and better resistance to creep degeneration. Due to these properties and its good thermal conductivity TZM is commonly used in aerospace applications, nozzle materials, heat shields, as well as many others.


TZM Chemistry

Molybdenum +

0.40-0.55% Ti

0.06-0.12% Zr

0.01-0.04% C



ASTM B386 Type 364 for Sheet and Plate

ASTM B387 Type 364 for Rod and Wire


Typical Size Capabilities for Flat Sheets and Plates

Thickness Range   .004”(.10mm) – .472” (12mm)

Width MaxRange  6.3” (160mm) – 17.7” (450mm)

Length Max Range  23.5” (600mm) – 59” (1500mm)


Typical Max Size Capabilities for Rods

Rod  – Diameter of .157” (4mm) to 4.72” (120mm)


Typical Max Size Capabilities for Discs

Diameter of  .787” (20mm) to 23.6” (600mm)

Thickness (Length) of .236” (6mm) to .985” (25mm)