Admat is the largest and most experienced supplier of Niobium foil in the United States. Our customers know that we have the expertise to provide quality material and to ensure deliveries meet production schedule requirements.

Our niobium foils are available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths. Our product is precision rolled with proprietary reduction schedules to ensure the material performs as expected in your application.

Our deep draw quality niobium foil is manufactured using a unique rolling schedule which ensures ideal performance in deep draw applications, such as stamping cans or drawing cups. Through our years of experience, we have developed a process which focuses on a perfect balance between grain size and mechanical properties.

If your company has its own specification for niobium foil, Admat will review your specification and adjust the manufacturing process to meet your requirements.

Additionally niobium foil can be used to make colored jewelry. Admat can provide bright surface finishing that is perfect for such applications which involve anodizing.

Available Sizes

for Coiled Niobium Strip and Foil
.004″ to .015″
.016″ to .020″
Maximum Width

Common Specifications

  • ASTM B393 R04200
    » Reactor Grade Pure Niobium
  • ASTM B393 R04210
    » Commercial Grade Pure Niobium
  • ASTM B393 R04251
    » Reactor Grade Nb 1% Zirconium
  • ASTM B393 R04261
    » Commercial Grade Nb 1% Zirconium
  • ASTM B393 R04220
    » RRR Grade pure Niobium

Available Alloys:

  • Niobium (unalloyed)
  • Niobium 1% Zirconium
  • Niobium 47% Titanium
  • Niobium 50% Titanium
  • Niobium 55% Titanium
  • C-103 (89% Nb, 10% Hf, 1% Ti)