US based tantalum and niobium supplier, Admat Inc. announced today the implementation of a new inventory program designed to reduce lead times and improve delivery performance for select sizes of tantalum and niobium strip and foil. This new program will put significant quantities of inventory in place so that customers can react quicker to market demands while reducing their inventory costs.

The program covers various gauges of niobium and tantalum strip such as .004”, .005” .008” and .010”. Most items are 6” wide and are engineered specifically for deep drawing applications. Admat’s customers can now release shipments for overnight deliveries, whereas typical industry lead times for such items average 12-14 weeks.

“Admat is very excited about this new stocking program,” the company stated.

“As our competitors continue to cut services and inventory, Admat is committed to improving our performance and will invest in ourselves accordingly,” said Eric von Spreckelsen, Admat’s Director of Sales. of tantalum and niobium metals and alloys. Forms include plate, sheet, strip, foil, ingot, rod, wire, tube, targets, capacitor grade powder and fabricated parts. Sales and distribution are based out of their headquarters located near Valley Forge National Park.