No other supplier of Tantalum and Niobium is more interested in saving you money and providing the right product for your application. Founded in 1997, Admat’s management team has over 50 years of experience with refractory metals. To us, it’s not good enough to sell you metal, it’s our job to sell you the proper metal and to maximize the cost savings for your business.

Did you know that tantalum is available in multiple specifications. The two most common are electron beam melted tantalum which is cast into ingots and then rolled to finished form, and the other is a powder derived tantalum which is sintered powder rolled into sheet or wire. Additionally draw grade tantalum sheet has a finer grain for stamping applications of deeper drawn parts. Each type of tantalum is suited for different applications. Furthermore did you know that Admat’s metals come in a variety of purities. These include purities from 99.5% pure to 99.999%. Your required purity depends on your application. Are you lining a tank, making a penetrator for a missile, stamping a capacitor shell, or sputtering tantalum onto PC memory chips?

Tantalum, Niobium, Tungsten and Molybdenum can easily become very expensive purchases. Let us know your application and we will quote you the proper material.

Ensure that you are getting the best alloy and form for your money by calling Admat today!