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Are You Buying the Right Metal?

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No other supplier of Tantalum and Niobium is more interested in saving you money and providing the right product for your application. Founded in 1997, Admat’s management team has over 50 years of experience with refractory metals. To us, it’s not good enough to sell you metal, it’s our job to sell you the proper metal and to maximize the cost savings for your business.

Did you know that tantalum is available in multiple specifications. The two most common are electron beam melted tantalum which is cast into ingots and then rolled to finished form, and the other is a powder derived tantalum which is sintered powder rolled into sheet or wire. Additionally draw grade tantalum sheet has a finer grain for stamping applications of deeper drawn parts. Each type of tantalum is suited for different applications. Furthermore did you know that Admat’s metals come in a variety of purities. These include purities from 99.5% pure to 99.999%. Your required purity depends on your application. Are you lining a tank, making a penetrator for a missile, stamping a capacitor shell, or sputtering tantalum onto PC memory chips?

Tantalum, Niobium, Tungsten and Molybdenum can easily become very expensive purchases.Let us know your application and we will quote you the proper material.

Ensure that you are getting the best alloy and form for your money by calling Admat today!

Admat Tantalum is an Essential Part of Making Your Drinking Water Safe

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Water purification is the process in which the unwanted chemicals, bacteria, viruses and particles are removed from contaminated water. In most cases the purpose is to create safe water for human consumption. Therefore chlorine gas is commonly introduced to the water to kill the bacteria and viruses prior to reaching its final point of use.

Chlorine gas is introduced to the water using a spring controlled valve which opens and closes on regular intervals. These intervals are often determined by sensors in the water. During operation the spring is exposed to the corrosive chlorine. Where most metals would fail, Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten is ideal for this job. Admat’s metal ensures proper function of the valve and is proven not to contribute to failures where people could be exposed to poisonous chlorine gas.

Because Admat’s Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten wire has the perfect combination of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, it is the best and safest choice for chlorine valve control springs. Admat is the largest supplier of Ta7.5W wire in the world. Our product chemistry and microstructure are specifically engineered for this application. Most other TaW spring wire suppliers use cheaper alternatives which could cause premature failure.

Admat’s customers are the most qualified spring manufacturers in the United States. When your application is as important as keeping people healthy, and a spring failure may cause a catastrophic chlorine gas leak, why take risks.

Contact Admat for the names of the best spring makers in the country or ask your current spring supplier to use Admat Premium Grade Ta7.5W Spring Wire.

Admat Inc. Introduces Tungsten 10% Titanium To Their Thin Films Product Line

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Admat Inc. announced today the addition of Tungsten 10% Titanium sputtering targets to their growing thin films product line. These new targets are available in the standard purity of 4N and higher purities of 4N5 and 5N upon special request. Production capabilities allow for various shapes and sizes of up to 300mm diameter or 230mm square.

Hongju Chang, Ph.D., Admat’s C.E.O., stated “This is an exciting new product which further compliments our existing line of solar and semiconductor products”. The company’s Sales Director, Eric von Spreckelsen further added, “The introduction of Tungsten 10% Titanium to our portfolio takes Admat one step closer to our goal of performing as a single source refractory supplier to the semiconductor marketplace”. These targets are shipped with full factory certifications, including GDMS chemistry results.

For additional information, contact Admat today!

Admat Announces New Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten Wire Products

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Admat Inc, has announced an expanded Tantalum portfolio today with the addition of Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten wire. This particular alloy is designed for used in chlorination systems for water purification. Our customers will fabricate the wire into various size springs which will open and close valves feeding chlorine gas. This particular alloy is well suited to handle the corrosive nature of chlorine. But only Admat’s production process ensures the ideal mechanical properties to prevent failure, even after millions of cycles.

Admat Relocates to New Larger Office Near Valley Forge National Park

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Admat Inc is pleased to announce the relocation of their corporate office and distribution center. The new headquarters merges both the Wayne, PA office and the Reading, PA sales office into one more functional location. Furthermore, because of the significant increase in warehousing space, our customers will benefit from reduced lead times. This new location is in Pinebrook Business Center, just a short drive from Philadelphia and neighbors Rockwell Automation.

New Stocking Program Reduces Tantalum and Niobium Strip and Foil Lead Times

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US based tantalum and niobium supplier, Admat Inc. announced today the implementation of a new inventory program designed to reduce lead times and improve delivery performance for select sizes of tantalum and niobium strip and foil. This new program will put significant quantities of inventory in place so that customers can react quicker to market demands while reducing their inventory costs.

The program covers various gauges of niobium and tantalum strip such as .004”, .005” .008” and .010”. Most items are 6” wide and are engineered specifically for deep drawing applications. Admat’s customers can now release shipments for overnight deliveries, whereas typical industry lead times for such items average 12-14 weeks.

“Admat is very excited about

Admat is a leading supplier this new stocking program,” the company stated.

“As our competitors continue to cut services and inventory, Admat is committed to improving our performance and will invest in ourselves accordingly,” said Eric von Spreckelsen, Admat’s Director of Sales. of tantalum and niobium metals and alloys. Forms include plate, sheet, strip, foil, ingot, rod, wire, tube, targets, capacitor grade powder and fabricated parts. Sales and distribution are based out of their headquarters located near Valley Forge National Park.

Admat Introduces New 300mm Tantalum Coilsets

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Admat Inc, a leading supplier of tantalum and niobium mill products, announced today the introduction of high purity 300mm tantalum coilsets to their semiconductor product line. These coilsets will be used in select physical vapor deposition (PVD) chambers and are available in a wide range of purities, the most common being 99.99% and 99.995% pure tantalum.

Admat will offer these parts to sputtering target fabricators who can perform final surface treatments and pair them with the required sputtering targets for end users.

The company’s Sales Director, Eric von Spreckelsen stated, “I am very pleased to finally introduce this product to our thin films portfolio. These coilsets have undergone a lengthy development process with extensive testing, both internally and in the field. Our customers will be very pleased with both the performance and value of this product”.

With each coilset, Admat will provide GDMS chemistry certifications and full CMM reports are available upon request. Select coilsets will be included in their inventory stocking program.

Admat Inc. and Nisomet GmbH Partner for Sales of Tantalum and Niobium in Germany and Switzerland

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Admat Inc., Norristown, PA USA announced today a partnership with Nisomet GmbH of Switzerland to market their mill products in Germany and Switzerland. Admat is a leading supplier of tantalum and niobium metals and alloys in various mill forms and powder. Nisomet is a provider of nickel based alloys and specialty metals including titanium.“Admat is well known for our superior metal products and an industry leading level of customer service in the United States.

For our first expansion into European markets, it was important for us to find the right partner who has the same commitments, reputation and expertise. We strongly believe we have found those qualities in Nisomet and we welcome them as our partner,” said Eric von Spreckelsen, Director of Sales at Admat.

“Nisomet has nearly 25 years of experience in the field of nickel based and titanium metals and alloys. We provide our customers a wide selection of metals and further support those products through our engineering services. Recently we expanded our core business by aggressively developing new markets for tantalum and are very happy to have a strong partner like Admat supporting us with their excellent service and product qualities”, said Matthias Treib, Director of Sales at Nisomet GmbH.

Admat Inc. Adds Fabricated and Machined Refractory Metal Parts to Product List

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Admat Incorporated of Norristown, PA has further enhanced their product portfolio to include machined and fabricated parts. Since 1997, Admat has been supplying Tantalum powders and mill products to a variety of industries.

Over the years, Admat has become one of the largest sources of refractory metals in the US. Now they have partnered with a number of skilled and specialized fabricators to offer custom machined parts.

Admat’s management team has the most experience in development, engineering, sales and services in the refractory metal industry. Through the years their team has developed powders for specialty alloys and 3D printing, precision wire products for medical implants, penetrators for missile systems, explosively bonded metals for corrosion prevention, and cutting edge products for semiconductor production, just to name a few.

Eric von Spreckelsen, Admat’s Director of Sales and Operations stated, “All this experience has given Admat a portfolio that is unmatched. No matter what you require, a tube, a rod, a plate or a complex fabricated part, we are the best place to call.” Metals include tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum and titanium. Their technical know-how allows them to precisely and efficiently manage the raw material production and the subsequent fabrication operations to provide customers the highest quality product in the market today at very competitive prices.

Allen Chang is Admat’s Engineering Manager. Over the past three years he has developed systems and procedures to ensure 100% compliance to specification. Allen directly oversees all fabrication and machining operations and is an asset to the machined parts business at Admat.

Whether your business needs tantalum flanges, molybdenum crucibles, electron beam welded assemblies, threaded rods, or tungsten machined parts, Admat should be your first call. Contact us today!

The Value of Tantalum Experience

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Tantalum is expensive. For most users of Tantalum, it is likely the most expensive material they buy. It’s for that reason that so many companies source their material from smaller mills overseas to avoid paying the higher prices charged by the big American mills. But with so many companies selling tantalum, how can you tell a reputable company from a fly by night re-seller? Is there a way to ensure they are producing product using the best metallurgy practices? And how can you be sure these companies will stand behind their products when something goes awry? To be perfectly honest, you can’t really be sure of these things without performing significant due diligence such as costly plant audits, independent third party testing, detailed engineering studies and utilizing years of experience. That’s what Admat brings to the table.

Admat’s management team has 50 years of tantalum experience, more than anyone else in the industry. What makes that knowledge so valuable is that it’s a blend of domestic sales and manufacturing know-how combined with years of overseas production and engineering expertise. This gives us the unique ability to understand the culture of both our customers and our factories.

We understand your application and what material properties are important to you. Our engineers can adapt production techniques to produce product that is engineered specifically for your application. Whether it is high purity plates with fine grain for semiconductor production, grain stabilized rods for vacuum furnace parts, or isotropic strip for stamped parts, Admat has the experience and know how to help your business.

We have multiple contracted production plants throughout Asia. Each of these plants has undergone multiple on site audits and their range of products have undergone studies which include testing at independent labs. Each plant’s production process is unique and therefore each has specific strengths and weakness. For example, some plants melt large diameter ingots that are rolled down directly to finished product, where others use small diameter ingots which require upset forging prior to rolling.

This photo shows grain flow in tantalum rods. Although on the outside, both rods would look identical to anyone, the metallurgy on the inside is completely different. Depending on your application, this could completely change how the material performs. Matching your unique material requirements with the right production method is an example of the value that Admat’s experience provides our customers.

Since 1997, Admat’s customers have come to expect a high level of quality and service. It is our goal to provide your company with the highest quality products available and to do so at a price that makes your business more competitive in the marketplace.

Call us today and let us show you how Admat can strengthen your raw materials position. Contact us for more information