Let’s face it, if you’re buying tantalum, it’s probably because you have no choice. Your application likely demands one of the robust characteristics of the metal, such as the unmatched corrosion resistance, or the magnetic shielding properties, or maybe it’s the extremely high melting temperature. Regardless of why you need it, tantalum is always expensive when compared to metals such as steel, copper or even titanium.

One of the simplest ways to cut tantalum expenses is to improve your yields and reduce the amount of scrap you generate.

  • Why order material in typical rectangular sheet sizes and cut circles out yourself?
  • Why order plates oversized so you can machine to tolerances yourself?
  • Why machine parts from square bricks when you can order near finished custom shapes?

Admat specializes in custom shapes and sizes. Whether it’s round, oval, or an octagon with a square hole, Admat can machine or cut to your requirements. Because the scrap is kept internal to the manufacturing plant, it maintains a higher value and therefore saves you money. Tight tolerances are nothing new to Admat. We will review your requirements and quote you a price on a product that we stand behind.

Speak with our sales department today and find out how Admat can improve your tantalum yields.