Water purification is the process in which the unwanted chemicals, bacteria, viruses and particles are removed from contaminated water. In most cases the purpose is to create safe water for human consumption. Therefore chlorine gas is commonly introduced to the water to kill the bacteria and viruses prior to reaching its final point of use.

Chlorine gas is introduced to the water using a spring controlled valve which opens and closes on regular intervals. These intervals are often determined by sensors in the water. During operation the spring is exposed to the corrosive chlorine. Where most metals would fail, Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten is ideal for this job. Admat’s metal ensures proper function of the valve and is proven not to contribute to failures where people could be


exposed to poisonous chlorine gas.

Because Admat’s Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten wire has the perfect combination of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, it is the best and safest choice for chlorine valve control springs. Admat is the largest supplier of Ta7.5W wire in the world. Our product chemistry and microstructure are specifically engineered for this application. Most other TaW spring wire suppliers use cheaper alternatives which could cause premature failure.

Admat’s customers are the most qualified spring manufacturers in the United States. When your application is as important as keeping people healthy, and a spring failure may cause a catastrophic chlorine gas leak, why take risks.

Contact Admat for the names of the best spring makers in the country or ask your current spring supplier to use Admat Premium Grade Ta7.5W Spring Wire.