Tantalum Powder

Tantalum powder is used in sputtering targets, alloys, thermal and chemical resistant coating, 3D printing (additive manufacturing), and electrolytic capacitors.  There are 3 types of powders:
  • Nodular powder from chemical reduction of tantalum salt or oxide.  The resulting powder is aggregates consisting of primarily particles and pores.  It has relatively low density and high surface area.
  • EB powder from hydride and de-hydride of electron bean or arc melted ingot. The particle of this powder is typically angular and non-aggregated.
  • Spherical powder from plasma inert gas atomization.  This generates spherical shape with smooth surface which has excellent flow characteristics.  The powder is particularly suitable for 3D printing.

Admat offers broad selections of bulk density, sieve size range and purity. The purity includes commercially pure, 3N (99.9%), 3N5 (99.95%), 4N (99.99%), and 4N5 (99.995%).