Tantalum Rod, Bar, & Wire


Admat offers our customers an impressive selection of tantalum rod and bar sizes which are all engineered for a range of applications.  Our products are cold rolled and annealed in a proprietary process which creates metallurgical properties ideal for such applications as sputtering gun barrels, machining into fasteners, x-ray or radiation shielding, medical markers for surgeons, vacuum furnace heating elements, chlorinator springs, components for light bulbs, or machined parts for chemical processing equipment.

In addition to straight rods and bars, we offer tantalum wire either on spools or loose coils.  We have multiple processes in which we manufacture the wire.  Let us know your end use and we can custom manufacture the wire for your application with reduced costs and superior product quality.

Admat is also the leading supplier of  Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten (Ta7.5W)  and Tantalum 10% Tungsten (Ta10W) wires.   These products are ideal for use  in highly corrosive environments, and as an oxygen getter in lighting applications.  Learn more about our Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten Spring wire.
High strength and grain stabilized wire is also available for specialty applications such as heating elements or fasteners in high temperature furnaces.

Furthermore we can supply wires on a variety of spools sizes and diameters.  For example we can supply 4” spools with hundreds of feet or 12” spools with thousands of feet of wire.

Available Sizes

for Tantalum Bar, Rod & Wire

Thickness Diameter
.010″ to .080″ Spooled
.030″ to .125″ Loose Coil
.060″ to 10″ Straight Lengths

Available Purities:

Commercial Grade ( ASTM )

  • 3N 99.90% | 3N5 99.95%
  • 4N 99.99% | 4N5 100%
  • 5N 100%

Common Specifications

  • ASTM B365 R05200
    •   » Electron Beam Melted
  • ASTM B365 R05400
    •   » Powder Metallurgy Grade
  • ASTM B365 R05252
    •   » Tantalum 2.5% Tungsten Alloy
  • ASTM B365 R0255
    •   » Tantalum 10% Tungsten Alloy
  • ASTM F560 R05200
    •   » Medical Grade Tantalum

Available Alloys:

  • Tantalum
  • Tantalum 2.5% Tungsten
  • Tantalum 7.5% Tungsten
  • Tantalum 10% Tungsten
  • Furnace Grade Tantalum