Tantalum Prices are Climbing… So What Can You Do About It?

If you buy tantalum, you have surely noticed that the prices are climbing.  That’s because demand for the versatile gray metal is quickly escalating.  The latest forecasts from industry leaders predict a 4-7 year increase in demand and higher market prices for the ore, capacitor powder, melt stock and mill products. As smartphone and electronics […]

Save Money by Improving Tantalum Yields

Let’s face it, if you’re buying tantalum, it’s probably because you have no choice. Your application likely demands one of the robust characteristics of the metal, such as the unmatched corrosion resistance, or the magnetic shielding properties, or maybe it’s the extremely high melting temperature.  Regardless of why you need it, tantalum is always expensive […]

Hafnium – It’s Elemental

Hafnium is element 72 on the periodic table. It is a tetravalent transition metal colored silver gray and is often found in zirconium, its sister element. Discovered in 1923 in Copenhagen, it was named after the city’s Latin name, Hafnia. Hafnium is used in many industries and hi-tech applications. Some of these include: coatings of […]

The Value of Tantalum Experience

Tantalum is expensive. For most users of Tantalum, it is likely the most expensive material they buy. It’s for that reason that so many companies source their material from smaller mills overseas to avoid paying the higher prices charged by the big American mills. But with so many companies selling tantalum, how can you tell […]

Admat Introduces New 300mm Tantalum Coilsets

Admat Inc, a leading supplier of tantalum and niobium mill products, announced today the introduction of high purity 300mm tantalum coilsets to their semiconductor product line. These coilsets will be used in select physical vapor deposition (PVD) chambers and are available in a wide range of purities, the most common being 99.99% and 99.995% pure […]